Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

LPS Guide to Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

What do we want kids to know and be able to do?

Curriculum is determined by the district teachers based on the state standards and is what guides what we teach to our students.  Lexington Public School's curriculum for all subjects has been written and piloted by the teachers in our district.  A standards based approach has been incorporated and implemented to ensure that all students meet the objectives set by the district.

Key Concepts and Essential Skills have been identified by groups of teachers.  They identify what we want kids to know and be able to do at each grade / subject level and are aligned with the Nebraska State Standards.

Lexington Public Schools believes the primary purpose of assessment is to assist teachers and administrators in instructional and curricular design to ensure that students achieve the skills and knowledge contained in state standards.

A secondary purpose of assessment is to provide accountability, a means for reporting progress to all the stakeholders in the educational process. The assessment program is utilized by the Board of Education, teachers, administration, and support staff for making informed decisions designing curricular and instructional programs that meet the diverse needs of the entire student population. The assessment system will yield accurate information only when standards, instruction, and assessment are aligned, which is the case in Lexington Public Schools.

Assessment also directly yields data, which is used to aid in the overall Continuous and Integrated School Improvement process. Long and short-term goals are based on the data derived from district wide assessment. Strengths and areas of growth focus, are determined and serve as a means to measure progress. Assessment guides and improves instruction. Continuous Improvement serves to increase excellence in education. It is through the assessment and the school improvement process, that Lexington Public Schools remains committed to promote student achievement.

The district's mission statement:   " create capable and lifelong learners"