Lunch Program

Lexington Public Schools serves high quality school lunch and breakfast at a very reasonable price.  We believe that your child's health and nutrition is a top priority.  Our suggestion is that you estimate the amount of your child's food service and send payment on a monthly basis, or immediately after each payday, whichever is more convenient for you.  Keeping an adequate balance in your child's account assures continuing food service for your child. 

For your convenience, you can check your child's lunch balance online.  Login instructions are:

  • Go to PowerSchool parent login page
  • Input user name and password.  Contact your child's school if you need these.
  • Click on the $ on the menu at the top of the screen.

If you want e-mail notification for low balances, please click on the e-mail notification icon and select the balance alert box.



  • Pancake on Stick


  • Meat Balls
  • Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
  • Steamed Corn
  • Dinner Roll


  • Cereal Bar
  • 1% White Milk