Lexington Community Foundation highlights expanded scholarship programs

December 31, 1969

Information for Lexington Community Foundation (LCF) scholarship programs offered to Lexington High School seniors and graduates for the 2014-2015 academic year has been updated and is available through the Foundation's website http://www.lexfoundation.org/scholarships. LCF currently awards more than $70,000 annually through the scholarship programs it administers, of which nine scholarships are available to students beyond their first semester in college.

Jackie Berke, Executive Director of the Lexington Community Foundation says LHS graduates who are currently enrolled in any collegiate studies should take notice of the increased scholarships available to them. These scholarships  are deemed to be an investment in the career of students at the collegiate level who have established a commitment to their educational and career goals.  This trend is appreciated by students and parents alike, as local scholarship opportunities beyond the high school senior status are rare but very much needed.

Collegiate Scholarships Available

  • Brian Eilers Memorial Scholarship - A scholarship in the amount of $2,000 will be awarded to a graduate or graduating senior of a Dawson County High School. Eligibility emphasis will be placed on the recipient being an employee, or a past employee, a student that has either a parent(s) or a grandparent(s) that work/have worked for Eilers Machine & Welding, Inc.
  •  LHS Alumni Scholarship - Three $750 scholarships will be awarded to graduates of Lexington High School who are currently enrolled at any university, state college, community college or technical school within the State of Nebraska as a collegiate sophomore, junior or senior or a graduate student.
  • Edsel Newman Scholarship -Consideration for this $2,000 scholarship is given to a Lexington High School graduate currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited curriculum leading to a B.S. degree in engineering and/or computer science. 
  • Norall Scholarship Trust - Up to $15,000 is awarded each year to students that have graduated from a Dawson County high school.  Preference is given to those enrolled in a medical field of study.
  • Athea Roberts Scholarship -Two $750 scholarships are available to LHS graduates or graduating seniors pursuing a degree in music or who have been accepted into a music program/organization at a university, college, trade school or community college.
  • Pat Ruppe Scholarship - One $3,000 scholarship each year from the Pat Ruppe Scholarship Fund. Any graduate from Lexington High School who will be a collegiate junior or senior, or graduate student enrolled in any university or college, is eligible to apply.  Consideration for the scholarship will be given only to a Lexington High School graduate who has an accumulative collegiate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Mark & Vera Turner Scholarships - Four $500 scholarships will be awarded to any graduate from Lexington High School who will be a collegiate sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in any university or college.
  • Wightman Scholarships - John & Jan Wightman have established two scholarships.  The Byron & Bessie Wightman Memorial Scholarship in memory of John's parents, Byron & Bessie Wightman; and the John & Jan Wightman Scholarship. Both awards are identically structured and valued at $1,500 each. The scholarships are directed to collegiate sophomores and juniors attending any accredited four-year college with a 3.2 accumulative GPA.

These collegiate awards are offed in addition to the many scholarships available to Lexington High School graduating seniors.

This year, the Foundation is pleased to announce one newly created award created by the Batie family, the Warren & Leta Batie Scholarship.  Warren and Leta Batie always believed in the importance of having a good high school, as well as a post secondary, education that prepares one for a future career. One scholarship, valued at up to $2,000, will be awarded to a Lexington High School graduating senior who plans to attend any university, state college or tech school. The scholarship will be paid $500 annually for up to four years.

Additional information about these and all scholarships offered by the Lexington Community Foundation can be accessed by visiting our website at:  www.lexfoundation.org/scholarships