Lexington School District Announces Finalists for Superintendent Interviews

January 19, 2012

The Lexington Public Schools District Board of Education is pleased to announce that they have selected 4 candidates to interview for their superintendent vacancy.  The candidates selected for interviews are:

1. Dr. Randy Gross - Superintendent, Roscoe, Illinois
2. Mr. Matthew Fisher - Superintendent, Imperial, Nebraska
3. Mr. Dean Tickle - Principal, Lexington, Nebraska
4. Dr. John Hakonson - Superintendent, Sidney, Nebraska

Interviews are scheduled to be conducted January 23-24th, 24-25th, 25-26th, & 26-27th. Numerous stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to meet the final candidates and submit input to the board about each of them.  The board intends to make their selection by the end of January.

The Lexington Public Schools District retained the services of the Nebraska Association of School Boards, Lincoln, Nebraska to assist in conducting their search.  The consultants reviewed, screened, and conducted extensive background checks on each applicant.  On Wednesday, January 18, 2012 the consultants presented the applicants to the board of education and provided them detailed background information on each applicant.  The board selected 4 candidates as finalists.