Summer Band

May 20, 2014

We are proud to announce our pilot year of Summer Band!  This is a great opportunity for students to continue playing their instruments on fun songs in the Summer.

There are 3 levels for Summer Band.

1.  Beginning Band - 4th Grade at Bryan Elementary.  This is designed to give our beginning band kids experience on all the instruments so they can choose their path.

2.  Intermediate Band - 5th Grade at LHS.  This group has just finished beginning band and are ready for a new challenge.  In a "full band" setting, they will encounter exciting songs and concepts to keep them growing as musicians.

3.  Advanced Band - 6th and 7th Grade at LHS.  In Advanced Band we are a dynamic group of dedicated musicians.  Students will play modern and diverse music ranging from popular to jazz.  This group is also looking for opportunities to play in the Lexington Community, so if you know of any let us know!

4.  We are looking also for high school volunteers to work with all three groups.

You will have to download and print the forms above to sign.  Completed forms can be mailed to Mr. Manning at Sandoz Elementary.  Send forms in ASAP!! 

Please contact Mr. Manning with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thanks for your interest!