The Relentless Tour

January 27, 2017

Monday, March 6th the Lexington Elementary Students will be a part of “THE RELENTLESS TOUR” with Anthony Ianni! Anthony shares stories about his life experiences. He has autism and was bullied at a young age. His parents were told that he would never go to colle... Read More

Junior Cheer and Dance Camp

January 20, 2017

2017 Junior Cheer and Dance Camp Registration Form What: Annual Junior Cheer and Dance Camp sponsored by the Lexington High School Cheerleaders and Drill Team * We will be spending the morning teaching your child a cheer and a dance to perform Who: Elementary Studen... Read More

Flu Bug Is Here

January 4, 2017

Parents, Please be aware that Influenza A and B are here in Lexington. If your child has not had a flu shot this year and have the following symptoms - fever greater than 100, severe body aches, headaches, cough and stomach pain with fever - please keep your child home from... Read More


September 2, 2016

Our “Healthy Kids” at Morton, Sandoz, Bryan, and Pershing  Schools are getting their school year off to a positive, energy charged healthy start!  They are learning about how THEIR PERSONAL CHOICES all day long everyday are affecting their health.  ... Read More

New Teachers for 2016-17

August 10, 2016

Bryan Socorro Gomez-Nunez 3rd Grade Hailey Mandelko PE Rosa Robinson  Spanish Reading Intervention ELA Barbara Long  SPED LHS Jonah Bradley  Science Darin Exstrom  Special Education Libby Joekel  Engl... Read More