Pertussis Information

December 19, 2017

An individual in Sandoz has been diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough).  Lexington Public Schools, in consulting with Two Rivers Public Health Department,recommends that the following steps be taken:

• Children and staff should be observed closely for the development of respiratory symptoms ( from now through January 5th. If an individual develops respiratory symptoms, they should be seen by a physician and evaluated for pertussis. Please take this letter with you to the clinic visit and show it to the treating physician.

• Children and Staff with an ongoing cough should be excluded from school or activities pending physician evaluation. Individuals diagnosed with pertussis may return after completing 5 days of antibiotic therapy.

• Parents should also check that their child’s immunizations are up to date. Questions regarding a child’s immunization status should be directed to the child’s physician. For the latest childhood immunization schedule, please visit:

You may click on the image to download a pdf.