Referral Procedures

Children Birth through 2
Referrals can be made to Services Coordination at 1-800-689-7131 or the Office of Student Services at 308-324-1209. The Services Coordinator then works with the educational team to conduct any appropriate assessments to determine eligibility.

Children Ages 3-21
Referrals can be made directly to your child's teacher, to the building principal, or to the Office of Student Services at 308-324-1209.

For children not currently in school, a preschool assessment team will conduct interviews with the parents, observations of the child, and likely administer some assessments to the child to determine eligibility for special education services. The parents are an important member of this Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation.

For school-aged children, the referral goes to a Student Problem Solving Team which gathers input, implements strategies and research based interventions, tracks progress and gathers data and determines when a referral to the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is appropriate.

For students who move into the district and have received special education services in the previous district, it is important for parents to bring to the school the child's Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation Report and Individualized Education Plan from the previous school. The IEP team can then determine the necessary steps to reinstate or continue special education services for the child.