Graphic Standards

This Graphic Standards manual for Lexington Public Schools (LPS) outlines how to project a consistent, positive image of LPS throughout the entire school system. Doing so will build and reinforce the LPS brand as the preferred provider of K-12 education.

To promote a consistent, uniform, and professional image, everyone's participation is necessary. From the Administration Building, throughout each and every school, the LPS brand needs to be presented in a clear and consistent manner.

The guidelines in this manual will help you create a professional image for your school or department while building and maintaining the LPS brand. It is not necessary to dispose of current paper stock before it runs out, but as you reorder, the guidelines are to be followed.

Any questions pertaining to these Graphics Standards should be directed to:
Kerri Dangler
Lexington Public Schools
P.O. Box 890
Lexington, NE 68850
Phone: (308) 324-1207

The Graphics Standard Manual information can be viewed online: