Stationery is one of your most common communication tools, and it often creates the first impression of Lexington Public Schools. In order to create a highly professional, positive, and consistent image for LPS, it is imperative that the LPS stationery present a unified image throughout the entire system.

The tagline, “ develop capable and responsible lifelong learners.” needs to be present on the letterhead and business card, as well as other communication tools, such as fax forms and memorandums.

Fonts used on the stationery are Trebuchet MS and ITC Avant Garde Gothic. NEVER change the fonts as this weakens the brand

Only make black and white copies of the stationery when absolutely necessary as black and white versions tend to weaken the brand.

It is not necessary to dispose of current stock before it runs out. We urge you to follow the stationery guidelines - and to add the tagline - when reordering.

For stationery templates and set up instructions please contact:

Kerri Dangler
Lexington Public Schools
P.O. Box 890
Lexington, NE 68850
Phone: (308) 324-1207