The Lexington Public School identity should be represented by consistent use of the color palette below. These palette colors should be used as the dominant and recurring colors that help to visually define the identity. Whenever the identity is represented, it should include one or more identity palette colors.


Element Colors

Print: PMS* 1665
C-0, M-68, Y-100, K-0
Web: #f15617
*Refers to the Pantone® Matching System

Print: 40% BLACK
C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-40
Web: #726661

Print: BLACK
C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-100
Web: #000000


Backgrounds Colors

White (#ffffff) or Light Grey (#f6f6f6)



Print Fonts

The fonts that make up the Lexington Public Schools identity system are ITC Avant
Garde Gothic - Demi and Trebuchet MS - Bold. Examples of each font a show below.
At no time should the type used in the identity system be changed.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic - Demi
Trebuchet MS - BOLD

Web Fonts

Headlines: Tahoma Bold, #f15617, 16px - 24px
Secondary Headline: Tahoma Regular, #726661, 13px
Body Copy: Arial Regular, #726661, 11px - 13px


Protective Zone

When using any of the Lexington Public Schools logo,  a “protective zone” or an
appropriate amount of white space needs to surround the logo. This protective zone
ensures that the LPS logo will stand out. The exact dimension of the protected zone
will vary depending upon the size of the logo you are using. In order to determine
the protected area surrounding the logo, refer to the diagram below.

Protective Zone
Gray box indicates protective zone.
The Diameter of the Logo is 34 W-Widths. A mininum white
space of 2 W-Widths should surround the logo at all times.


Errors to Avoid

In order to maintain the integrity of the Lexington Public Schools brand, here are some
common errors to avoid:

Do Not Change Logo Colors   Do Not Change Background Color
Do not change the color of the logo to anything other than what is specified in this manual.   Do not use the logo on a busy background, or a dark background color that does not allow the logo to be easily seen.
Do Not Alter Sizes   Do Not Condense or Extend
Do not alter the type size or relationship to the logo.   Do not condense or expand the proportions of the logo.

These full-color guidelines apply to process color printing and to on-screen use for the Web, presentations and video. There should be a high degree of contrast between the Lexington Public Schools logos and its background. Accepteable usage of the Lexington Public Schools logos are as follows.



Any questions pertaining to these Graphics Standards should be directed to:

Kerri Dangler
Lexington Public Schools
P.O. Box 890
Lexington, NE 68850
Phone: (308) 324-1207