School Board

The Lexington School Board of Education is committed to the higher education for all students in Lexington Public Schools. The board sees the primary mission is to develop capable and responsible lifelong learners and preparing students for the global challenge and the opportunities of the future.

Board of Education Regular Meetings

    • Online Meeting Agendas
    • Date  Second Monday of each month (unless otherwise scheduled)
    • Time  7:00 pm (meeting times may vary)
    • Location of Meeting
      • Lexington City Chambers Office (unless otherwise scheduled)
        406 E 7th St.
        Lexington, NE  68850

2017-2018 School Board Members

(click on their name below to contact by email)

Mike Dowling, President
Term Expires 12/18.

Travis Maloley, Vice-President
Term expires 12/18.

Roger Reutlinger, Secretary
Term expires 12/18.

Larry Steinberger, Member
Term Expires 12/20.

Carlos Saiz, Member
Term expires 12/20.

Cindy Benjamin, Member
Term expires 12/20.