3000 Series Policies

Business Operations

3001 Budget

3002 Deposits

3003 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair or Site Improvement

3003.1 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Related Projects Financed with Federal Funds

3004 General Purchasing and Procurement

3004.1 Fiscal Management for Purchasing and Procurement Using Federal Funds

3005 School Activities Fund

3006 Controllling Receipts

3007 Review of Bills

3008 Gifts, Grants and Bequests

3009 Audit

3010 Insurance

3011 Transportation

3012 School Meal Program and Meal Charges

3013 Emergency Closings

3014 Use of School Property, Equipment and Vehicles

3015 Time Away from School Activities

3016 Use of Tobacco Products

3017 Press Releases

3018 Denying Access to School Premises or Activities

3019 Sale or Disposal of School Property

3020 Copyright Compliance

3021 Operation of School Administration Building

3022 Volunteers

3023 Record Management and Retention

3024 Booster Clubs and Parent-Teacher Organizations

3025 Returned Checks

3026 Handbooks

3027 Resolution of Conflicts Between Parents over School Issues

3028 Distribution of Flyers Advertising Non-School Organization Activities

3029 Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program

3030 Students Electing to Attend School in Adjoining State

3031 Copying Fees for School District Records

3032 Lending Textbooks to Children Enrolled in Private School

3033 Disbursements

3035 Petty Cash

3034 Chain of Command - District Administration

3036 Procurement, Suspension, and Debartment Governed by Federal Procurement Regulations

3037 Threat Assessment and Response

3038 School Safety and Security

3039 Crisis Team Duties

3040 Purchasing (Credit) Card Program

3042 Construction Management at Risk Contracts

3043 Design-Build Contracts

3044 Incidental or De Minimis Use of Public Resources

3045 Use of Sniffer Dog

3046 Service Animals

3047 Data Breach Response

3048 Communicable Disease

3049 Drones and Unmanned Aircraft

3050 Technology In The Classroom

3052 Leasing Personal Property

3053 Nondiscrimination