3006 Controlling Receipts

3006 Controlling Receipts 

No person, including school employees, shall be permitted to cash personal checks.

All receipt books and deposit books will be pre-numbered.

When checks are received, they will be marked on the back “For Deposit Only.”  They will be listed on deposit slips and deposited weekly, at a minimum, and sooner if the combined receipts of the district’s accounts exceed $100.00.

The Hot Lunch Fund shall have deposit ticket numbers and dates put in the corresponding receipt books.

  • Receipt of Monies
    • All receipts shall be counted on the date they are received.
    • Two or more persons shall count the receipts, record the amount collected on a receipts form, initial it, and give it to the superintendent or his/her designee.
    • The monies will then be sealed in an envelope or locked in a money bag and deposited directly at the district’s depository institution.  If the district’s bank is not open or inaccessible, the envelope/money bag may be locked in the district’s safe until it can be delivered to the bank.


Adopted on: December 10, 2012
Revised on: _________________________
Reviewed on: ________________________