3008 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests

3008 Gifts, Grants and Bequests

The school district encourages those who wish to make gifts, grants, bequests or devises of property, real or personal, to the school district to make such donations through the district’s foundation.  The superintendent or his or her designee is authorized to accept on behalf of the school district gifts of personal property that are consistent with the district’s mission and objectives and have a fair market value of $500.00 or less.  In its sole discretion, the board of education may accept donations when they are consistent with the district’s mission and objectives. Upon acceptance, donations shall become the sole property of the district.  The donation will be under the complete control of the board or school district which will not have any obligation to replace it if it is destroyed or becomes obsolete.


Adopted on: December 10, 2012
Revised on: _________________________
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