3028 Distribution of Flyers Advertising Non-School Organization Activities

3028 Distribution of Flyers Advertising Non-School Organization Activities

As students can derive social and educational benefits from activities sponsored by non-school organizations, groups or individuals, the district will distribute flyers advertising activities of non-school organizations that meet the requirements set forth below:

  1. The flyer may not contain statements that are obscene, lewd, vulgar, profane; violate federal, state or local laws or regulations; violate board policy; advocate the use or advertise the availability of any substance or material that may reasonably be believed to constitute a direct and substantial danger to the health or welfare of students, such as tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs; incite violence; advocate use of force or urge violation of federal,  state or municipal law, district policy or regulations; interfere with or advocate interference with the rights of any individual or the orderly operation of the schools and their programs.

  2. The non-school organization must contact the district office to (a) inform the district that it wishes to have flyers distributed to students and (b) obtain a date from the office on which the flyers will be delivered.  

  3. The non-school organization must provide a sufficient number of copies of the flyer and must deliver them to the district at least three days before the date the flyers are to be distributed. 

  4. The flyer may not advertise any activity which will take place during instructional time or during school-sponsored activities.

  5. The flyer must include a statement explaining that the organization is not affiliated with or endorsed by the district.


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