4025 Responsibilities of the Superintendent

4025 Responsibilities of the Superintendent

The superintendent is hired by and shall report directly to the board of education.  All school employees shall be under the direct and/or delegated supervision of the superintendent.  All of the grounds and buildings are supervised by the superintendent.  He or she shall, at his or her discretion, make the board aware of any needed repairs and improvements.  The board of education delegates to the superintendent the power and authority to make necessary corrections and decisions on all matters concerning the running of the school.  The board will review all such rulings, corrections, decisions and such at regular or special board meetings. 

The superintendent is charged with presenting an annual school budget to meet necessary statutory deadlines, and this budget shall be subject to the approval of the board of education and voters at the annual budget hearing and annual meeting. In conjunction with this budget preparation, the superintendent is charged with implementing the budget and shall be authorized to make all purchases he deems necessary after the board of education and voters approve the budget at the budget hearing.  The superintendent shall present all of the bills to the board of education and handle all monies in the activity accounts, as well as the lunch account.  He or she shall supervise the bookkeeping of the accounts and will have the final approval of how the money is spent.  He or she shall either be bonded for $5,000, and this bond will be provided by the school district; or the district shall purchase employee dishonesty insurance coverage which includes faithful performance of duties of the superintendent.  The superintendent shall, monthly, provide a balance sheet showing each activity account.

The superintendent shall be in a position of approving all school activities, and he/she may delegate this authority to the principals, teachers, sponsors, etc.  Such activities shall include, but not be limited to, the schedule, the closing of school, non-school activities (with board approval), calendars, and media releases.

The superintendent will be the chief administrative officer of the board of education and shall keep the board informed on important issues.  He or she shall review all certified and non-certified employees applying for vacancies and shall make recommendations regarding these employees.

 The superintendent’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Shall prepare and submit to the board of education an annual budget which details an educational expenditure plan and an appropriate financial receipts program.
  2. Shall supervise and be responsible for the financial accounting of the school district and the safekeeping of all school funds and records.
  3. Shall be responsible for the administration of district educational and support programs including their continuous evaluation so as to provide the best possible learning experiences for students.
  4. Shall assist the board of education in providing a positive and effective public relations program to assure that the needs and accomplishments of the education program of the district are made known to the community.
  5. Shall be responsible for employee recruitment and selection of all certificated and classified personnel of the school district, and shall make recommendations to the board of education for all employment positions requiring board approval. Shall be responsible for assigning, reassigning, and transferring certificated and classified personnel to district attendance centers.
  6. Shall assure that the district complies with all federal and state legal obligations and accreditation requirements.
  7. Shall provide oversight of the maintenance, care and supervision of the district's facilities and equipment, and shall assist the board with long-range facility planning.
  8. Shall be responsible for the proper execution of board of education policies and shall serve as advisor to the board in the formulation of new policies.
  9. Shall attend all board of education meetings; shall construct agendas in collaboration with the board president; shall distribute agendas and post all required public notices for the regular and special meetings of the board of education.
  10. Shall serve as the authorized local district representative for federal and state education programs, and act as the compliance and appeal     officer for student, employee and patron complaints regarding local board policies and state and federal programs.
  11. Shall represent and serve the board's interest involving all employee matters, and shall act as advisor to the board regarding employment      negotiations.
  12. Shall be directly responsible for the district's administrative staff; shall annually assess the job performance of head principals, the assistant superintendent, the chief financial officer, the food service director, and the director of buildings and grounds; and shall be responsible for all employment issues, including hiring and termination, related to classified staff.
  13. Shall define and assign duties and responsibilities of the school district's administrative and supervisory staff, and delegate authority and      responsibility accordingly; and shall conduct regular meetings for the administrative staff in order to evaluate existing programs and         procedures.
  14. Shall maintain a personal professional growth program including attendance and participation in professional meetings, involvement with      board of education and administrator organizational activities, and the reading of professional literature in order to keep abreast of educational trends and activities.
  15. Shall develop and recommend an annual school calendar, and be responsible for necessary variations from such calendar in the event of     severe weather, school activities, and other unplanned or unexpected events or circumstances.


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