4052 Job References to Prospective Employers

4052 Job References to Prospective Employers

All requests for employment-related references or employment history by prospective employers of current or former employees must be referred to a member of the administrative team. The administrator will either provide a reference in compliance with this policy or will forward the request to the superintendent.

If the school district is subject to a written separation agreement regarding a particular employee, the terms of that agreement will govern the district’s response to requests for information, regardless of any written consent provided to the school district.

If the school district is not bound by a separation agreement and receives a legally enforceable written consent to release information, the district may provide the information authorized by that document. The school district may provide additional truthful information to prospective employers of current and former employees in accordance with this policy.

Employees Suspected of Sexual Misconduct Against a Minor or Student

Apart from the routine transmission of administrative and personnel files or unless otherwise permitted by law, the district and any employee, contractor, or agent of the school district is prohibited from providing any employee any assistance in obtaining a new job if the school district or the individual acting for the school district has probable cause to believe said employee has engaged in sexual misconduct with a student or minor in violation of the law.

Adopted on: November 11, 2013
Revised on: January 8, 2018
Revised on: July 8, 2019