4056 Confidentiality in Counseling and Guidance

4056 Confidentiality in Counseling and Guidance

The school district provides students with a certificated school guidance counselor.  Information that students provide to counselors is confidential but not legally privileged.  The counselor will attempt to respect the privacy of student disclosures, but will share all relevant information with other education professionals as appropriate or as directed.  The counselor will also contact parents and law enforcement officials as appropriate, provided that a counselor who has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to child abuse or neglect shall review and follow the district’s policy on reporting child abuse and neglect.

Records of the counseling relationship, including interview notes, test data, correspondence, tape recordings and other documents, are to be considered professional information for use in counseling, not part of the student's education record.

When a counselor is in doubt about what information to release, he or she should discuss the matter with the building principal or with the superintendent. 

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