5002.1 Admission of Students Who Reside Out of the State of Nebraska

5002.1 Admission of Students Who Reside Out of the State of Nebraska

Students who reside in a state other than Nebraska must submit an application to enroll in the district at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which they wish to begin attending the district. Out of state students may not enroll mid-semester.

The administration will review each application and is authorized to admit out-of-state students whose academic history, disciplinary records, prior school community involvement and other relevant factors indicate that they will be successful in this school district. Those who have verified disabilities pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act or section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act will not be excluded from admission based solely on their disability. The administration may reject an out-of-state student when acceptance of the student:

  • Would increase the operating costs of the school district, such as by requiring the hiring of new staff or contracting with outside entities to provide services to the student;
  • Would require the procurement of new equipment, technology, or furnishings;
  • Would cause or require the rearrangement of caseloads for staff and contracted professionals;
  • Is reasonably deemed by appropriate school staff to pose a potential risk to the health or safety of students or staff;
  • May pose a risk of adversely affecting the quality of educational services being provided to resident students, as determined by appropriate school staff.

The administration’s approval or disapproval of an out-of-state student’s application is final.

Out-of-state students who are admitted pursuant to this policy must meet the requirements of board policy 5002 and must comply with each board policy, state statute and regulation that applies to their situation. Once admitted, they will be subject to the same disciplinary rules and procedures as resident students. Students must reapply for admission prior to each semester. Re-admission may be denied for students who are not academically and/or behaviorally successful. Once admitted, out-of-state students’ grade level placement will be determined in accordance with district policy.

Out-of-state students are not entitled to transportation or reimbursement for transportation.

Out-of-state students will be charged tuition equal to the district’s most recently available per pupil cost based on average daily membership (ADM). Payment in full is due to the central office of the district on or before the first day of classes each semester. The tuition fee may be changed by the board of education prior to any semester with or without notice to the out-of-state student’s family or resident school district.

Adopted on: May 11, 2015
Renumbered on: July 10, 2017
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