5003 Admission of Part-Time Students

5003 admission of part-time students

A student may be permitted to enroll on a part-time basis pursuant to this policy and applicable curricular practices when enrollment is appropriate for reasons that include but are not limited to the following: the student attends another education institution on a part-time basis; is enrolled for a limited number of credit hours needed to graduate; has a modified schedule because of a disability or as part of an individualized education plan; or is a student who resides in the school district but attends a private, denominational, or parochial school or a school that elects not to meet accreditation or approval requirements (referred to herein as an exempt school student or an exempt school, respectively).

Application for Enrollment. The parent or guardian of an exempt school student who is of appropriate age to attend school, resides in the school district, has not graduated from high school, and has not received a graduate equivalency diploma must meet all of the district’s admission requirements and file an application for enrollment on forms provided by the school district by August 1 of the year of enrollment. For second semester high school courses, the application must be filed by January 1. For students who move into the district mid-semester, the application must be filed within 20 days of moving into the district. The administration shall review the application, determine whether to approve or deny it, notify the parent or guardian, and schedule enrollment at an educationally appropriate time in the building or attendance center of the administration’s choice. Enrollment does not carry over from one school year to the next, and the parent or guardian of an exempt school student must apply for enrollment each school year.

Limitations Based on Resources. The enrollment of exempt school students is subject to limitations established by the district for grades, classes, courses, and programs based on the limited resources available to the school district. Full-time students shall be given priority for enrollment in grades, classes, courses, and programs.

Placement of Students. Exempt school students shall be placed in courses for which they have adequate preparation and which are determined to be educationally appropriate based on criteria that include, but are not limited to the student’s age, achievement test scores, academic record, evaluation by school personnel and any other standards used by the district for the placement of students.

Grades and Academic Honors. Exempt school students shall receive grades, report cards, and transcripts, but shall not be eligible to graduate, receive a diploma or qualify for class ranking unless they meet all district requirements for such including earning a sufficient number of credit hours and semesters of attendance.

Applicability of School Rules. Exempt school students are subject to all rules and standards of the board of education and administration as set forth in policy, handbooks or other communications, as well as the rules and directives of the building administration and teaching personnel. They must remain on the school campus during scheduled classes but must leave the school campus when not engaged in a course or course-related activity unless the course or course-activity requires their presence or the building principal approves their presence. Students who violate school policies, rules, or directives shall be subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including suspension and expulsion.

Extracurricular Sports and Activities. Students who are enrolled in a private, denominational or parochial school may not participate in extracurricular sports and activities sponsored by the public school district if they participate in extracurricular sports and activities offered by the private, denominational or parochial school. Exempt school students may participate in extracurricular sports and activities if they are enrolled in at least 10 credit hours per semester. Exempt school students who are not enrolled in at least 10-credit hours may not participate in extracurricular sports and activities. All part-time students must meet all other eligibility requirements set by the board, administration and coach/sponsor prior to participating in the sport or activity.

Exempt school students who transfer into the district will be considered a transfer student and shall be ineligible for varsity competition for ninety school days unless the home school is located in the same school district as the high school to which the student is transferring.

The school district will determine whether credits awarded to exempt transfer students will be accepted for the purpose of eligibility for extracurricular sports and activities pursuant to the board’s policy on Grade Placement and Academic Credits of Transfer Students.

Transportation. Part-time school students are not entitled to transportation or reimbursement for transportation by virtue of their status as part-time students.

Option Enrollment. Students may not enroll on a part-time basis pursuant to the school’s option enrollment program.

Adopted on: May 11, 2015
Revised and renumbered on: July 10, 2017
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