5005 Transportation of Option Students

5005 transportation of option students

The board of education shall annually set the rate for transportation services for option-enrolled students.  Such transportation may only be enacted if there is mutual agreement between the school district and the parent or legal guardian of the option student.  If such agreement is reached, the stops at the option homestead will be recorded by the school vehicle operator and a billing fee will be assessed to the parent or legal guardian on an annual basis.  If two or more option students from the same homestead use school transportation, the district will charge for each trip made.  Under no circumstances will an option student(s) be provided school transportation to and from his/her homestead if the result of such transportation (1) necessitates the addition of a bus route and/or (2) increases the time necessary to run the complete bus route beyond the limit of one hour.

For 2014-2015 and each school year thereafter, unless changed by the board, any option students not having received free district transportation in 2013-2014 shall be assessed a fee based on a rate of $.75 per mile per stop beyond the school district boundary.  

Adopted on: 10 March 2014

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