6035 Pledge of Allegiance

6035 Pledge of Allegiance

Rule 10 of the Nebraska Department of Education requires public school districts to establish a period of time during the school day when pupils will be led in the Pledge of Allegiance (“Pledge”) in the presence of the flag.

At or near the beginning of each school day, students will be led in reciting the Pledge either over the school building’s public address system or in their classrooms by a staff member or by a willing student or students.   

The district will ensure that a flag is present in any room in which students recite the Pledge.  For purposes of this policy, “flag” means an authentic flag or a replica or picture of the flag of the United States of America which is visible to participating students.

Participation in the Pledge is voluntary.  No student or staff member will be required to recite or lead the Pledge or be rewarded or penalized in any way for their choice whether or not to recite or lead the Pledge. Students and staff members who do not participate or lead the Pledge must sit or stand quietly and may not interfere with the rights of those who choose to participate.

Any student or staff member who violates any district policy or code of conduct regarding a person’s decision to participate or not participate in the Pledge will face disciplinary consequences pursuant to district policy.

Adopted on: October 8, 2012

Revised on: _________________________

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