2014 Relationship With School Attorney

2014 Relationship with School Attorney

The board will engage legal counsel to assist it and the administration in dealing with legal issues. When the district faces circumstances in which legal counsel may be needed between board meetings, the board president or superintendent may engage legal counsel on the board’s behalf.

The superintendent and the board president shall have the authority to contact the school’s legal counsel on behalf of the district. The superintendent may give other members of the administration permission to contact the district’s legal counsel on an as-needed basis. Individual board members other than the president may not contact the district’s legal counsel on behalf of the board without the approval of the board president or a majority of the board.

Any board member who contacts the district’s legal counsel without board approval may be personally responsible for any legal fees incurred as a result of the unapproved contact.

The superintendent will, to the extent permitted by law, keep the board informed of matters in which the district’s legal counsel is involved.

Adopted on: October 8, 2012
Revised on: October 9, 2017
Revised on: July 8, 2019