1002 Creation and Amendment of Board of Education Policies

1002 Creation and Amendment of Board of Education Policies

Each of these policies shall become the official policy of the school district when the board has approved it by majority vote of the members present at any lawfully convened meeting of the board.

It shall generally be the practice of the board to adopt or amend any policy after a single reading at any regular or special board meeting. However, the board may, in its discretion, review policies at multiple meetings prior to taking action.

Each policy shall bear the date when it was adopted, revised or reviewed.

The superintendent shall distribute copies of these policies to all members of the board, maintain a master copy in the central office, and see to it that the policies are maintained on the school district’s web site.

Annual Review
The board shall review all policies at least once every three years. Nebraska statutes require an annual review and/or hearing to solicit public comment on these specific policies:

Policy No. 5018--Parental Involvement
Policy Policy No. 5057--Title I Parental Involvement Policy
(NOTE: These first two are distinct parental involvement policies, and both must be reviewed annually.)

Policy No. 5045--Student Fees Policy
Policy No. 5054--Bullying
Policy No. 6020--Multicultural Education
Policy No. 5013--Student Assessment
Policy No. 4030--Teacher Evaluation
Policy No. 5013--Student Academic Performance.
Policy No. 3038--Safety and Security Committee.
Policy No. 5001 Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism.

The board may update or add policies as needed. The board shall determine the number of copies of policies to be made and their distribution. The superintendent shall maintain an up-to-date master copy of the policies in the main administrative office. Unless otherwise directed by the board, the master copy shall be considered the official district policy manual.

Adopted on: November 12, 2012
Revised on: October 9, 2017
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