Read Across America Week

March 1, 2012

Coming soon.......Read Across America!

Bryan Elementary will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America during the week of March 5- March 7.  Doing the week students will get to participate in a variety of activities.  Here are just a few to mark down on your child's calendar.


Monday, March 5th - silly sock day

     One sock, two sock, three sock...four

     Red sock, blue sock, black sock....more

     Bring your silliest socks that day to school

     We may all look silly, we will certainly look cool!


Tuesday, March 6th - dress it up or dress it down

      Dress it up or dress it down,

      Bring your pajamas or bring your best gown.

      Sleepware, slippers, suits, skirts or dresses

      Tuxedos and ties, tutus and vest-ez,

      We'll be the most best dressed kids in town.

     Don't forget on Tuesday to dress up or dress down.

Wednesday, March 7th - Wacky Wednesday (dress crazy)

     Wacky Wednesday we'll welcome all crazy.

      Dress as wacky as you can, come fun, don't be lazy.

     Put on anything you like that you think won't match.

     You can look wacky and be a great catch!