Second Grade Piano Recital

May 9, 2013

Bryan second graders have been learning how to play the piano this year.   In the music room piano lab, students have been taking weekly group lessons, learning such basics as note values and counting, hand positions,  and reading on a musical staff. 

Elementary school music activities, such as beginner piano lessons, are important to early childhood brain development,   By integrating music and math through piano lessons, students can be more successful in school.  Children who receive piano lessons have been shown to perform 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability.  Developing   an ability in music enhances math skills, giving children an advantage in science, engineering, and other math-related subjects.

The finale of the year was the "Bryan Recital",  where each student performed a self-selected musical number in front of their entire class.  Students also learned stage presentation and audience behaviors.