American History I ECT Class

September 23, 2013

For the past week Mrs. Coakley and I had our students create pictorial podcasts over the Bill of Rights in our American History I ECT class.  We had been studying the Bill of Rights, what they say about our rights and how they affect our daily lives.  Our ELL students had to create podcasts that explained why the Bill of Rights are important to them.  First, they had to complete the pre-writing stages of the project where they chose their amendments, compiled their notes for each and prepared a rough draft statement for each amendment.  From there, they had to edit their statements and then find appropriate images that went along with each amendment that helped further convey the importance of each amendment.  Finally, they were to record their statements using Apple's Garageband software and insert the images.  The ELL students did a great job with this project and even though it was a little intimidating recording their English speaking skills, they all agreed it was better than a quiz!