Anatomy, Forensics and Great News!

February 21, 2013



ANATOMY:  In Anatomy class, students have just finished their cat dissections where they identified the muscles and organs of a cat.  They then compared the anatomy of the cat to humans.  This last week they were looking at blood and how we type blood and how blood protects our bodies.  One element they explored was how the blood plays a role in allergies.

FORENSICS  - In forensics class, students have a crime that they are trying to solve.  So far this semester we have learned how to take fingerprints and match patterns so you can identify a person.  Another lesson was devoted to taking a cast of a footprint and characteristics of the footprint the crime lab is looking for.  This last week we have been trying to match the DNA of our victims to discover their identity.


GRANT - New and exciting things are happening in Mrs. LePorte's room.  She received a grant to "Go Green."   The grant was from Cornhusker Energy where we are going to put a wind generator and solar panels on the roof of the high school.  Soon we will be generating energy for the room from wind and the sun.