April in Pre-Algebra

April 22, 2013

The math skills in pre-algebra are climbing to a new level, and the challenge of mathematics is that it is a progressive subject. Prior math knowledge is vital for success. The math concepts learned in August are used in April and beyond!

We continue to practice these good math habits:

#1. Use a math journal - it is a valuable resource for lessons and tests.

#2.  Listen and get involved in the math lesson - it is the best way to sort out a math problem.

#3.  Do not over-rely on calculators - mental math skills help estimate the correct answer, and without mental math skills, you won't know if the answer is reasonable.

#4.  Do the math lesson right away to eliminate forgetfulness and discover any questions you may have about the concept.

#5.  Study for math tests to invest in your success.  Take time every day to look over lesson and you will do well.

#6.  Understand the math, instead of just copying the examples.  You begin with taking notes, but must understand the process for your math future.

#7.  Catch up on the work when you miss math class.  Missing notes and missing knowledge will make the next lesson more difficult.

(Adapted from http://www.mathsinsider.com/7-habits-of-highly-effective-teen-maths-students/)