October 2, 2013

Currently, students in Mr. Connot and Mr. Foster's Biology classes are studying the Theory of Evolution.  Over the past 2 weeks, we have looked at evolution through natural selection, evidence of evolution, and have found various examples of evolution.  The students completed a lab activity called "Bird Beak Buffet" in which everyone in the class was given a different type of "beak" (a fork, a spoon, or a popsicle stick) to attempt to "eat" as much food (black eyed peas) as possible.  The peas were scattered around the classroom and the students were instructed to get as much food as possible into their stomach (a Dixie cup) using only their beaks.  The 5 students who ate the least amount died off.  The 5 students who ate the most had their genetic trait (their type of beak) passed on to their offspring.  We realized very quickly how beneficial traits increase in frequency in a given population.