Book Trailers

January 28, 2013


            As a final project for reading, the students created book trailers. These book trailers follow the same principal as movie trailers do for an upcoming movie. The students were to identify the author and title of the book. They also created a preview paragraph. Then they added appeal to their project by adding pictures and music.

            The students enjoyed the project and really created amazing book trailers. Some of the girls added extra to their trailer by narrating. Many of the students enjoyed creating the project and everyone enjoyed watching all of the trailers.

            These trailers were a great way for the students to show their comprehension of the book. The computers were used to create their masterpieces. The groups had to work as a team in order to get the project done in a timely manner and done well. Each student was able to emphasize his/her unique skill. This was a great way to give the student a grade for comprehension of the book without having to take a final test.