Caution! Dinosaur crossing!

December 5, 2012

Imagine having a life-size T- rex in  your classroom. How would you know that it is really life size? Simply because it is big doesn't mean that it is accurate. The Endeavor Academy science class has been undertaking such a project over the past few weeks. Using information from internet sites, dinosaur models, and math the students have been building a 1/2 size replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex in their classroom. Students first had to learn how to use a scale to down-size the full-size measurements down to 1/2. After that they began the construction in thirds with the body first, followed by the tail section,  and the final stage will be the head. If you happen to walk by the Endeavor classroom, stop by and see for yourself what a Tyrannosaurus rex would look like if it were only 1/2 the normal size. Then imagine that chasing down prey in the Cretaceous period.