College Visits

November 7, 2012

College visits are an important part of the decision process when selecting a college to attend.  Often students think a school is "perfect" for them, make a visit and come away knowing that school isn't a good fit.  The best way to know if a school is for you, is to visit the campus, meet some of the people there and look at the facilities.

Counselors will help you set up your visit.  It is helpful for parents and students to make the trip together if possible.  Colleges will meet with you, take you on a tour of their campus, take you to meet professors in the area you are interested in and talk to you about financial aid.  You will be able to see what the dorm rooms look like, the classrooms, recreational opportunities and facilities as well as food service and career centers.

We recognize that often it is not possible for parents to take off work to go visit a college their student is interested in.  Lexington High School counselors set up a few group visits to various colleges throughout the year.  In the fall, a group of interested students is taken to Midplains Community College in North Platte.  In the early part of second semester a group interested in Central Community College is encouraged to go on that group visit to both Grand Island and Hastings campuses.

The next visit scheduled happens on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  We will be taking an interested group to Southeast Community College in Milford.  Interested students will need to sign up in the Counselor's office. 

The college visit may be the most important part of the decision about where to attend post-secondary school.  You will know if it is a good fit once you have been there and imagined yourself as a student on that campus.  Let us help you set up your visit soon!