Common Strategies in Pre-Algebra

February 21, 2012

Common Strategies in Pre-Algebra


We have been working with many different math skills to prepare for Algebra, and have found some common strategies that all math learners can use:


-Just like our poster in the photo says, Do the work!  If you have a problem, and you are not sure how to solve it, giving a good effort brings results.


-Make mistakes, learn from them and never give up!


-Be open to new ways of thinking about a problem, it's a good way to increase your math understanding.


-Look for the important parts of a math problem, and pass by the irrelevant information.


-Build new math skills using what you know about math already. 


-Look for patterns to help explain relationships in a math problem; it will help you bring order and meaning to the information given. 


We are using these strategies every day in pre-algebra, learning lessons that will last a lifetime!