Connots Classroom Constitution

April 27, 2012

In Mr. Connot's 7th period Citizenship class, we are discussing the concept of Federalism.  When drafting the "Connot's Classroom Constitution," the students were asked the following question: "Who gets the power?"  Should the Federal Government (Mr. Connot) have supreme authority?  Should the states (the students) hold all the power?  Or should we share it?  The class went through countless scenarios where each group held supreme power, noting the benefits and drawbacks of each.  The students eventually came to the decision (although they will never admit it) that letting the students run the show led to chaos.  In addition, Mr. Connot did not have the time and the resources to make every decision for the students.  Ultimately, a compromise needed to be reached.  We decided that the most efficient way to govern would be to share the power.  Later on, the students found examples of when power is shared and when it is delegated specifically to the Federal or State Governments.  They used Comic Life to help illustrate those powers.