Construction Class

October 22, 2012

The construction class at LHS has been covering material to help prepare them for the projects we have lined up for the year. Recently three individuals from the city of Lexington came to class to provide information about building permits and zoning ordinances and demonstrate the techniques used to lay out a building site.

Bill Brecks, city building inspector, Mark Yung, building code inspector, and Al Copper, code inspector for the city of Lexington came to my construction classes for a presentation. My class is going to be doing a number of projects this year that will require building permits and inspections so these gentlemen came to my class to explain the process and requirements for getting a permit from the city.

Bill opened the discussion by explaining the duties of each of the positions that were represented. He then took the class through the process of filing for a building permit. The class had several questions about the need for permits and why a permit would be granted or denied. Bill then took them through the process of applying for the permit, located the building site on the city map, and covered zoning regulations that apply to the property and what would be required of the homeowner before a permit would be granted.

Mark Yung and Al Copper then took the class outside and demonstrated finding lot pins and where the property began and ended. They also discussed easements and right of way regulations that would come in to consideration on various building projects.

The presentation went very well, my students had a number of questions answered, and I think learned a lot from the experience.