Count your blessings!

November 22, 2013

Count your blessings!

When we reflect on how rich we are as a nation, community, and school, we cannot help but be thankful for our on-line technology to sharpen our math skills in high school.  In Mrs. Fisher's Pre-algebra/Algebra 1A, we focus on two different websites for 30 minutes each week to individualize math skill practice for every student. 

The first site,, starts the students with a pre-test then analyzes their learning needs.  The program then assigns specific lessons to bring the student to a higher level of math understanding. 

The second site that the students use to become better mathematicians is found at  This program gives the students the freedom to work on any math concept that they would like to explore. 

With unlimited learning opportunities at our fingertips, we are grateful to use on-line technology to reach our academic goals at Lexington High School!