Decisions, Decisions

February 12, 2014

Imagine that you and your wife just lost a child to Tay-Sachs disease.  You have been referred to a genetic counselor before deciding to have more children.  Together you have a yearly salary of $45,000 and you have no health insurance at this time.  What do you decide as a couple?  What is Tay-Sachs?  The honors biology is looking at situations just like this.  Real-life decisions facing real life scenarios concerning genetic disorders.  Students are researching a certain genetic disorder and are placed in a situation where they have a life-time decision about their future.  There are hundreds of genetic disorders that can be inherited with some requiring only minimum therapy or care and there are some devastating ones that are fatal or life-altering for those affected.  Students will put all their research into an iMovie and present this to the rest of the class.  They will also discuss the situation they face and their decision about their future.