ELL Update

April 12, 2013


Students in Level 1 and 2 reading and writing are enjoying the System 44 reading program. Students have had the opportunity to read a variety of books, covering subjects such as murderous bugs, amazing moments in sports, the fastest things on Earth and amazing wonders from all over the world.  Students have used their new decoding and reading skills to delve into the System 44 library. Students are finding that with their new decoding skills, they enjoy reading more than ever!

Students in Level 1 writing and language acquisition are continuing to practice writing paragraphs using Write Tools. Students have found that it's getting easier and easier to come up with big ideas, supporting details and a topic sentences. Students have written paragraphs about the weather and family this semester.

In other ELL news, plans are being made for 2013 ELL Academy Summer School. Session 1 will begin June 3rd! Students will have the opportunity to improve their English through different reading, writing and hands on activities. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information!