End of Semester Math Preparation

November 19, 2013



     November is now almost over, and before you know it this Semester will be ending too.  We are all looking forward to Christmas break, but it is important to remember that before our little two week vacation can start students need to focus on being successful on their semester exams.  Math is a cumulative subject so the semester final will cover almost everything that was learned since the beginning of the course.  Preparation is essential for students to be successful on their exams.  Here are some helpful tips that will aide in the studying process for any subject area.

-       About 2 weeks before the exam look at previous tests and homework and rework         any problems that were incorrect or complicated

-       Make a list of formulas, definitions, and properties that will be on the final

-       Create a practice exam

-       Study with a friend and quiz each other on the formulas, definitions, and                          properties

-       The day before the exam get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast in the            morning