English 1 CT

April 24, 2013

The year is picking up speed as the final month of school is underway! The common belief is that teachers begin to panic and try to force more material into the remaining school year; however, English 1 CT is on pace to finish the year with a bang!

            The English 1 CT classes are fully submerged into a Multicultural Unit exploring, first, the Plains Native Americans. The students again had to draw upon their researching skills as they complied information to create a Comic Life depicting either a specific tribe, a famous chief, or another part of the culture-weapons, housing, and fashion. The project was well received and the Comic Life's were very colorful and creative, and students had the opportunity to present their information to the class.

            Currently, our classes are working in groups to explore a specific culture. The range of cultures include; Italian, Japanese, African, Spanish-American, and Greek. The goal of the project is to research different aspects of the culture-government, housing, famous people and events, education, etc-collect this information, and then write a children's book presenting the information in a fun and creative way. To complete this project the students will publish a children's book-pictures, plot, facts, the whole shebang-and then we will go to an elementary school and read the books to a class.

            Overall, English 1 CT has been more consistent than the sporadic Nebraskan Spring weather. Encourage your student to finish strong, and ask your author about their masterpiece!