English 1 and English 1 Honors

March 25, 2014

This year we have read short stories, poems, and the novels that reflect the theme of "rite of passage."  Rite of passage is a cross-cultural idea that has existed throughout history; it includes the time period and/or events that mark a person's transition from one phase of life to the next.  Rites of passage may be marked with events such as a Sweet 16, Quinceañera, Bar Mitzvah, or experiences such as getting a driver's license or graduating high school.  However, this time in an adolescents life may also be filled with more difficult issues such as bullying, living in poverty, substance abuse, divorced parents, military parents, teen pregnancy, illness, etc. A child's rite of passage can be a challenging time if one of these issues is present in their lives.  Students in English 1 classes chose a topic related to this idea for their research papers.  They have been researching and organizing their ideas on note cards, learning how to give credit using a Bibliography, and are almost ready to begin writing their rough draft research paper.  The students have been working extremely hard to meet these checkpoints, and are also learning skills such as organization and meeting deadlines!  Students will be working hard for three more weeks writing their paper and proving their thesis about a challenging factor during a child's rite of passage.