English 4 Visits Panem

November 28, 2012

A world in the future where two children, ages twelve to eighteen, are reaped to battle with twenty-two other children until only one is alive.  This is the plot of the book The Hunger Games, the first book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  Currently the seniors at LHS are reading The Hunger Games.  Some of the student comments about the book are as follows:


"I like the book.  I like the fact that there are many twists and turns, and you never expect anything." -Lindsey Gomez

 "I honestly though that I wasn't going to like it or didn't understat it, but I was wrong because I have enjoyed reading it." -Wendy Bueno

 "The book is somewhat different from the movie.  It's very adventurous and fun." -Gabbie Mares

 "The book The Hunger Games is way better than I thought it would be.  When I furst started reading it I hated it, but as it got interesting I found myself not being able to put it down." -Seth Kopf

 "As a person who doesn't like to read, I am enjoying this book.  I can really read it and put myself in Katniss's shoes and go through what she's going through." -Erica Munoz

"Coming from someone who has already read this book, I really enjoy it.  It's the type of book that sucks you in and [you] just don't want to stop reading it until you are done.  I like it because it has many twists that keep you guessing." -Morgan McFadden

"I'd rather read this book than some silly novel about vampires." -Alex Aguirre

 "I like the book because the author gives good descriptions and because of everything that has happened in it." -Mayra Tavares

"The Hunger Games is an interesting selection.  It is interesting because the environment and the way of living is far from normal." -Tracy Reynoso 

"I really enjoy reading this book.  When I first found out that we were going to read it in class, I was kind of mad because I really don't like to read and books are not meant for me.  Once we started reading the book, I found out that I liked it and that it got my attention, I kept reading and reading and now when I have to stop, I don't want to." -Mayra Novoa

Research Tidbits

College English I seniors have recently completed the research paper.  The research paper is more than just researching a student-selected topic.  Many of the seniors realized valuable writing techniques during the process.  Some student comments from the sixth period class are as follows:

"Do your outline before writing the paper.  It really helps with the writing process.  I should have done this."  -Skyler Speer

 "DON'T PROCRASTINATE!  I did when I wrote my paper and was up until three in the morning trying to finish it.  Put the time in weeks ahead and don't wait until the last minute."  -Casey Seberger

"What I had a hard time with was time management.  It was really hard for me to balance school, a job, and other big projects and homework that were due that same week."-Crystal Flores

 "The research experience was beneficial because it was assimilating a college assignment.  Writing the paper made me realize I need to work harder, and I need to improve my organizational skills."  -Elvia Tobias

"I was very proud with my final paper, and I felt it was some of my best writing."  -Chris Lindeman

 "I learned that note cards are very useful when doing a research paper.  They help to stay organized and to use all sources.  I learned that starting the research paper early is the key to writing a good, quality paper.  It also avoids procrastination."  -Ana Lopez