English ICT students experience new culture through literature

April 15, 2013

Students in English I have been taking trips in their minds as they learn about different cultures.  We have been reading literature from different countries and cultures including Chinese and Native American.

Students have also been practicing research skills through multicultural information. Last week students researched Native American Culture, making note cards of information gathered from credible sources.  Topics included Indian schools, Sitting Bull, Native American relocation, Reservations, Crazy Horse, clothing and many others.  This information was then used to create a comic life page that each student presented to the class.

This week, students are working in groups to exam different cultures through children's books.  Students will then research this culture and write their own children's books in their groups.

This has been a fun way for students to learn new information and gain an appreciation for cultures other than their own while improving research and presentation skills.