English II CT and English III CT

September 19, 2014

Each year, students in English II CT and English III CT begin the year by polishing up their poetry skills.  Students review vocabulary associated with poetry and write original poems. Students in English II write an "I Am" poem that is a mixture of reality and fantasy.  English III students write an "I Am From" poem that incorporates their family history and heritage.  Two samples are showcased below.


"Where I'm From"

By Marcus Connors

I am from a silent T.V. I never watch

From forced closed bedroom doors and double locked closets

I am from the peeling paint on old walls

And shattered windows

I am from the Pasque flower

And The Black Hills Spruce


I'm From Indian Tacos on birthdays and reddish brown skin

From Blaze and Leroy

I'm from Popping knuckles and being up at 5 am

And from the habit of chewing on things


I'm from "stay in or stay out" and "be home by midnight"

And "stay young while you can"

I'm from gatherings on Thanksgiving

I'm from Valentine, Nebraska and the Lakota Sioux

From fry bread and chili

From a long scar

On my foot cut by glass

And from dream catchers and drums on the top shelf 


I Am

By Michael Dominguez


I am knowledgeable and balanced

I wonder who I will meet in the future

I hear angels and demons

I want to erase my mistakes

I am knowledgeable and balanced


I pretend like it doesn't hurt

I feel eyes burning holes in my skin

I touch the galaxy with my fingertips

I worry that it won't work out

I cry because I believed the lies

I am knowledgeable and balanced


I understand that life goes on

I say karma is alive

I dream of true happiness someday

I try to be humble and steady

I hope one day I can truly forgive and forget

I am knowledgeable and balanced