English students working hard!

November 18, 2012

In Mr. McHargue's English 1 CT, the students have been working crazy-hard all semester. The emphasis has been on the writing process, and students are to the point that the six traits, plus one, are swimming through their dreams at night! The progress made thus far exceeds beyond expectation, and I am extremely proud of each and every student.

            Some of the topics that we have been written about include; heroes, Lexington High School, vacations, child prodigies, and cell phone use in school. To begin, the students were very open about their definition of a hero and who they were in their lives. Moms, dads, grandpas, and other family members were used most frequently, but other heroes included; NBA players, firefighters and other service men and women, and even the occasional teacher! In addition, the students had fun writing to other students explaining why LHS is a good school. These reasons ranged from the amazing staff, the one to one computers and other technology, the vastness of involvement opportunities, and not having to wear a uniform. This project allowed the students to step back and reflect on the reasons why they actually are thankful for the opportunity to attend a school so dedicated to the wellness of her students. Finally, the paper about child prodigies was the most interesting for me to read as a teacher. The prompt allowed students to choose if they would rather live the life of a child prodigy or continue the one they had, and a majority of the students chose their own lives. The reasons ranged from wanting to be able to spend time with family and friends to wanting to continue their education right here at LHS! This was very rewarding to read for me as a teacher because the fame and money of that lifestyle proved to not hold as high a value as family and an education. Clearly, students have begun to see that writing and their education is of the most important value, and then in some cases will lead to fame and fortune.

            Currently in class, we have shifted gears and begun reading our first novel, That Was Then This Is Now. This oldie but goodie deals with themes such as coming of age, violence, gang life, responsibility, and young teens finding their way in life. Students have already expressed interest in this reading because the author, S.E. Hinton, is the same gal who wrote the Outsiders, and students apparently loved that one!

            English is alive and kicking at Lexington High School, and it is a privilege to be involved! As a new teacher to the district, in my first year of teaching, I am enjoying my time in the district, and am looking forward to continue the goal of instilling young men and women with the desire to be life-long learners and a mentality of challenging the status quo.