Fingerprints / Forensics

January 13, 2014

     What kind of fingerprints do you have?  How often do you leave your fingerprints on something?  Do you even think about "What you have left behind?" 

     Fingerprints are impressions of the friction ridges on the finger that are transferred onto a surface by some substance or by oil and perspiration that naturally exist on the body.  Friction ridges are found on finger pads, and the patterns are determined by the dermal papillae (located between the epidermis and the dermis layer of the skin).  These patterns are unique to each individual and, therefore, can be used to identify someone.

      The Forensic Class at Lexington High School is starting the lab on Fingerprint Analysis.  Students just finished learning about the different classifications of fingerprints.  They also were introduced to several fingerprinting techniques, including rolling, dusting and lifting in which students will have a hands-on opportunity to complete each of the fingerprinting techniques.  To complete the lab, students will compare and analyze fingerprint evidence found on a safe in a cabin where two dead bodies have been found.  They will then form hypotheses about who may have accessed the empty safe based on their findings.