Finishing Strong in Math Class!

April 23, 2014


We are numbering our days in math class and taking advantage of every moment to learn new math skills and practice the ones we have studied.  Math is a cumulative subject so it is imperative to remember previous skills, so that the new lessons each day are just another step in the right direction in mastering mathematics. 

The good study habits that have brought success all year long will help students to finish strong this year in math class:

1.  Read slowly. Do not skip or skim the text of a lesson.  Each new principle builds on prior knowledge.  If you miss something, the next lessons will not make sense.

2.  Learn the vocabulary. The terms given in each lesson will be used in future lessons and problem solving.

3.  Work the problems.  Nothing prepares you better for tests than lots of practice solving different types of problems.  There are hundreds of sample problems available on the web.

4.  Take care of yourself.  You cannot perform your best if you are not eating healthy and sleeping well.