French I to French IV

September 13, 2013

13 septembre 2013

Bienvenue à la classe de français.

"Bonjour, tout le monde."  All French classes from French I to French IV have learned  facts about the Eiffel Tower  a Notre Dame Cathedral in  Paris.  The Eiffel Tower is  354 meters high and  weighs 10,100 tons with  18,000  metal pieces held  together with 2,500,000  rivets. 

 French students found out  that it took nearly 200  years to build Notre Dame    Cathedral from 1163-1345  in the gothic style of  architecture.  They also found out that all the stained glass windows tell stories because the people of the middle ages did not know how to read.  These two incredible places are great incentives for anyone to visit France.  

 Bonne journée des classes de Français.